Phillips Charitable Organization

Phillips Charitable Organization is led by Charles and Karen Phillips, Young Huh, and Eric Garven.

Established by Charles E. Phillips, the Phillips Charitable Organization (PCO) uses an innovative model that allows for direct help to those who need it most. Led by Charles and Karen Phillips, Young Huh, and Eric Garven, PCO is an association of friends that seeks to utilize charitable contributions in the most efficient way possible. The organization does not use its funds on any overhead expenses, eschewing traditional offices and staff in order to use every dollar to the fullest extent.

PCO focuses on three specific areas of philanthropy, all of which stem from the personal interests and experiences of the four board members. As the CEO of Infor, Charles E. Phillips has worked with his fellow board members in providing aid to young students interested in pursing careers in engineering. With graduates of the Air Force Academy on its Board, PCO also strives to offer help to US military veterans through targeted donations to deserving charities and direct aid. Finally, PCO funds numerous grants and programs to help single mothers.

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