Infor Announces Improved Consumer Design Experience

Under the guidance of CEO Charles E. Phillips, Infor remains a prominent provider of enterprise applications and services to clients in several industries. At the annual Infor Summit, Charles Phillips leads a discussion of company strategy and changes in the industry. At the 2013 summit, the company discussed a number of important strategic adjustments for the coming year, including an increased focus on microverticals and heightened investment in Internet architecture.

Infor also announced the development of a consumer design experience, spearheaded by the company’s New York City office, which hired a team of skilled designers specifically for the job. The team focused on creating a high-quality user experience and formed its own internal agency known as Hook & Loop. Unlike older applications, which were designed with engineering as the starting point, the new development process for Infor applications will start with the user experience and make the end user a top priority.