Infor Product Overview: Supply Chain Management

An executive with years of experience in the field of enterprise software, including more than seven years as President of Oracle Corporation, Charles E. Phillips currently works as the Chief Executive Officer of Infor. As the organizational leader of the enterprise products and services provider, Charles Phillips plays an integral role in developing and improving the company’s products, which include Infor Supply Chain Management solutions.

Through these solutions, Infor helps businesses develop fast and efficient supply chains. Infor Supply Chain Management solutions are tailored to meet the needs of clients—particularly those with highly complex supply chains—in a variety of industries, and include detailed event management and alerting systems. By incorporating these solutions, businesses can make plans and execute strategies much more quickly and respond to changes in the supply chain as they occur.

Yara logoIn recent years, Yara International ASA used Infor Supply Chain Management solutions for demand planning and advanced planning. As a result, the company gained greater control of, and even integrated other companies into, its supply chain. To learn more about Yara’s use of Infor solutions, visit