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Infor Product Overview: Supply Chain Management

An executive with years of experience in the field of enterprise software, including more than seven years as President of Oracle Corporation, Charles E. Phillips currently works as the Chief Executive Officer of… Continue reading

Infor Presents Excellence in Action Awards at 2013 Conference

This April, Infor will present its Excellence in Action Awards. Designed to highlight customer ingenuity, these awards are given to businesses that have used Infor’s software to achieve improved performance, profitability, and innovation.… Continue reading

Infor Announces Improved Consumer Design Experience

Under the guidance of CEO Charles E. Phillips, Infor remains a prominent provider of enterprise applications and services to clients in several industries. At the annual Infor Summit, Charles Phillips leads a discussion… Continue reading

The Innovative Infor Customer Interaction Hub

As the Chief Executive Officer of Infor, Charles E. Phillips manages operations in more than 160 countries and ensures that the company continues to offer standard-defining software. Charles E. Phillips’ company recently announced… Continue reading

Infor Claims Honors from Nucleus Research

A former executive at Oracle, Charles Phillips now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Infor, one of the world’s leading business software developers. Under Charles Phillips’s direction, Infor currently serves more than… Continue reading